Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button from the main menu or any other section of the website. Enter all the required details, pick a theme and register your start-up to participate in the contest.
You can register manually by filling in all the required details. Though, we do advise you to use your social media IDs.
In order to qualify for InnovatorsRace50 you must be able to provide proof through valid documentation that you are a registered business. The complete details on the documentation required are available here https://innovatorsrace50.com/terms-and-conditions.html
InnovatorsRace50 is a global competition. Start-ups from across the globe are eligible to apply.
InnovatorsRace50 is rewarding start-ups with more than just cash prizes. Participation in the competition will provide your early-stage business with the resources to take your start-up to the next level. Earn the chance to consult with industry & technology experts to help scale your business. Network with Unicorn ranking founders; attend coveted global technology events, get an opportunity to become a Capgemini partner and get global media exposure and training. For more information on why you should apply, visit https://innovatorsrace50.com/rewards.html
No, each start-up has to choose only one theme that best matches their solution and then apply.
You are advised to select your theme with careful thought before registering for InnovatorsRace50. If the need arises to change your theme, you may do so only as long as you haven’t submitted your profile. Once the profile has been submitted, no further changes can be made.
Each start-up will be evaluated under a single theme. You are required to assess which of the 5 themes best describes your start-up business and apply under the same.
Yes, participating start-ups can upload a photo. The image can be a photo of your founder, or a team photo, or even your company logo.
It is not necessary for you to upload a 2 minute video pitch or a slideshow. However, uploading either gives you a better chance to garner more votes from the public and increase your chances of being shortlisted in the top 50.
To upload the 2 minute video pitch, you need to:
  • Log into your profile using this link: https://innovatorsrace50.com/login.html
  • After logging in, there is an Application tab below the ‘Add attachments’ section. The accepted and preferred extension for videos is .mp4
The maximum duration of the solution video that your start-up can upload is of two minutes.
To upload a 10 slide slideshow, you need to:
  • Log into your profile using this link: https://innovatorsrace50.com/login.html
  • After logging in, there is an Application tab below the Add attachments section. The accepted length of the slideshow is no more than 10 slides.
Each start-up can upload 1 slideshow with 10 slides at the maximum.
Everyone can see your profile page. While filling up the application form all fields which are marked - ‘will be shared publicly’, will be visible to all.
No. Once submitted, a profile cannot be changed. You can make changes only as long as you haven’t submitted your profile.
No, you will continue to have exclusive rights over your intellectual property on InnovatorsRace50.
The last date for registering your start-up under any of the five themes for InnovatorsRace50 is March 06, 2017.
Yes, there are. InnovatorsRace50 advises all participating start-ups to read all the Terms & Conditions before they register for the contest by visiting https://innovatorsrace50.com/terms-and-conditions.html
After going through the FAQ page if you still have some questions, you can write to us at innovatorsrace@capgemini.com and we will try and get back to you with a solution at the earliest.


Once you submit your application, your profile will be reviewed by us and you will be notified as soon as it becomes live on the website. Once your profile is live, you are free to promote it among your network.
Once you have successfully registered your start-up, there is a ‘Share’ tab through which you can share your profile on the various social media websites.
Anybody can vote for your start-up as long as they log in through their social media accounts or their email IDs. One person is eligible to vote for one start-up only once.
To increase your chances of being shortlisted in the top 50, you will need to garner as many public votes as possible. The easiest way to do that is to spread the word amongst your friends, colleagues and network on social media. You can also, mail your profile page’s link to your friends and acquaintances. Your chat status or your Twitter bios are other promising avenues to generate more votes. Publicize your page to gather the most votes.

Selection Process

Contestants with maximum votes in each theme stand a better chance to qualify and make it to the top 10 per theme: 2 contestants with maximum votes from the public will be selected per theme, 1 contestant with maximum votes from Capgemini employees will be selected per theme, the remaining 7 contestants being selected by the jury panel. Judges will be evaluating the applicants on the basis of innovation, feasibility and long term visibility of the startup.
Once shortlisted, you will be intimated through e-mail or telephone. Reasonable attempts will be made by show management to reach out to the shortlisted contestants. 10 shortlisted start-ups from each theme/category will be announced on the website.
You are required to make yourself available for travel to Paris, France, during the week starting 12th June 2017 for the filming of the Grand Finale. You may also be required to travel to a Capgemini facility in your respective country as well as the location of the brand partner, unless specified otherwise by the management.
All reasonable and standard costs directly related to participation in the contest, including costs for travel (excluding cost of travelling to the Participant's departure airport), visa, meals and accommodation for the contestants during the entire duration of the contest shall be borne by the management.
No, we do not get involved in processing of visas.
The final winners will be announced in June at VivaTech. For the entire schedule of InnovatorsRace50 please visit https://innovatorsrace50.com/timeline.html.