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Introducing House of the Quiet Self

In one line

In one line combines music, sound design, voice and brainwave technology to create immersive and rewarding meditation experiences.

Business Pitch

Business Pitch is an online audio subscription service providing high-quality guided and non-guided meditation audio experiences. Using a combination of music, sound design, voice and brainwave technology, the audio recordings provide a unique, immersive and life-changing meditation experience. The site offers a wide range of of targeted life-choice meditations, duration-based experiences from 1-minute single sessions to 4-week daily meditations, and music-based mind explorations.

What makes our business innovative

What makes our business innovative's use of music, sound design and brainwave technology takes meditation audio to a new level of immersion, to meditation beyond mindfulness. It breaks down the barriers to meditation practice by engaging the listener on a physical, emotional and psychological level. It removes the unnecessary pressures of gamified repetition, making meditation a welcomed part of daily life. Each recording is created with the listener’s benefit in mind. It’s simple to use and immediately rewarding.

How are we disrupting the market

How are we disrupting the market overcomes two well-documented challenges to meditation: getting started, and finding internal confidence in the process. With, the immersiveness of each meditation experience helps the habit grow naturally. The results are tangible and long-lasting, which builds confidence early on. We also recognise that each person’s practice is unique - one size does not fit all. We offer a variety of guided and non-guided audio content to support an individualized approach.