Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

At InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini, we are well aware of how online social computing platforms-such as blogs, wikis, social networks, and all sorts of social media-are transforming the way we interact. Online collaboration enables people to share knowledge and ideas regardless of rank, title or experience. It's a way for us to take part in conversations around the work we do at InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini and show our expertise in these areas.

These guidelines have been developed for all members of InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini to follow whenever contributing to online social computing platforms where there are references to or a potential impact on InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini.

Think before you post

Keep in mind that most online social computing platforms are like public marketplaces-what's out there is available for all to see. On social platforms, the boundaries of professional and personal information are not always very clear. In these days of shifting privacy policies and powerful search engine indexing, you can't always be sure what is being shared, viewed or archived. Note that what you publish online will be public for a very long time. What you post will reflect on you, so be consistent with the way you would wish to portray yourself to friends, family, colleagues and clients.

If you are unsure whether certain content is appropriate to share online, then don't post it. It's better to be safe than sorry.


You are personally responsible for your words and actions, no matter where you are, even in the online world. Please remember that when you participate in social media, you are speaking as an individual and not on behalf of the InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini. Identify yourself using the first person singular.

When you discuss InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini-related information online, be transparent by giving your name and role and mentioning that you work for InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini. If you have an individual site that refers to or has an impact on the Group, use a disclaimer such as "The views expressed on this site are my own and not those of InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini."

Where applicable law permits, know that InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini reserves the right to monitor use of social platforms and take appropriate action to protect against misuse that may be harmful to InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini’s reputation.

Establishing an InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini account or becoming an official InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini representative that shares information about InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini and the areas we work in, requires approval from InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini team. Only these accounts may display the InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini logo. If you would like to represent InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini or create a InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini account, please contact InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini web team . If a member of the press or online media contacts you about online content concerning InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini, please refer them to InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini press office.


Your behavior online should be consistent with Our Code of Business Ethics.

You have the opportunity to help shape InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini reputation online. Use your expert knowledge to enrich discussions, help solve problems, share the excitement of our work environment, and promote learning and idea-sharing.

Please bear in mind that the tone you use online can be interpreted in different ways by your readers, due to a lack of non-verbal communication or cultural differences. Some participants may not be familiar with abbreviations, emoticons and other common codes used in online communication. Remember also that comments are often taken out of context, so stick to the facts.

Trust is the key element in building relationships online. Build trust by keeping a respectful tone, even when disagreeing with others, and by responding to comments in a timely manner. If you realize that you've make a mistake, try to correct it promptly.

Do not engage in any conduct online that would not be acceptable in your workplace or that is unlawful. For example, do not make derogatory remarks, bully, intimidate, harass other users, use insults or post content that is hateful, slanderous, threatening, discriminating or pornographic.


Always protect confidential and other proprietary information. Don't put anything online you wouldn't share with a journalist, client, analyst or competitor.

Make sure any reference to clients, partners and suppliers does not violate any non-disclosure obligations. Please also remember your confidentiality obligations under your employment agreement.

Don't disclose information about colleagues or other persons misuse their personal data, or publish their photos without their permission.

Even when the application is behind SSO, users should still use good judgment regarding information that could be of a sensitive nature. Don't use social computing platforms to exchange information that is confidential, unless access is restricted to a tightly controlled closed community with each participant having been cleared for receipt of such information, and the platform has been cleared for appropriate security levels. Public sites are not appropriate sites for internal communication with other InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini employees.


Comply with laws and regulations and more particularly with laws governing intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks.

You must not post content or take any action that violates the law or infringes InnovatorsRace50 by Capgemini or any third party's intellectual property rights.

Final thoughts

Use of social computing platforms in accordance with this policy can be a very effective and powerful communication tool. Be proud of what you do and enjoy a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency. Above all, please use good judgment, be attentive to others and take the trouble to listen and be understood.