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Kick-starting Innovation

Meet the Top 10 finalists and follow their journey to learn from their experiences and successes as they move on to the grand finale, where 1 winner per theme will be selected.

Kick-Starting Innovation

Celebrate entrepreneurial spirit

As Capgemini turns 50, we present InnovatorsRace50.

InnovatorsRace50 celebrates the life and times of Capgemini Group founder Serge Kampf, the values that embody the Group and the spirit of innovation. Winners will receive the Serge Kampf entrepreneurship and innovation awards at the finale in June at VivaTech, the tech show for game changer start-ups. Capgemini’s genesis can be traced back to being a start-up. The interplay between people and technology inspired our founder, to launch Capgemini 50 years ago. With InnovatorsRace50, young businesses have the chance to live the future now; access expert insights and applied innovation required to build and sustain a successful global business.

Boost your business

Serge Kampf Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards

Serge Kampf Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards

Winners of Capgemini’s InnovatorsRace50 will receive Serge Kampf entrepreneurship and innovation awards. The official awards will be presented in the month of June at VivaTech, the tech show for game-changer start-ups, taking place in Paris.

Cash reward

Cash Reward of $50,000

InnovatorsRace50 is seeking to reward the most innovative entrepreneurs and disruptive early-stage start-ups. The top 5 businesses, one from each theme, will win equity-free funding of $50,000 each!

Global Leaders

Network with Global Executives

Leading start-ups on InnovatorsRace50 will have a chance to network with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world! Gain access to global technology events, meet Unicorn ranking founders and consult with Capgemini experts and partners, among others.

Start-up founders

Participate in International Tech Events

Get an opportunity to attend and showcase your start-up at an international technology event. Meet and consult with technology and industry experts to help scale your business.

Media Exposure

Global Media Exposure

Capgemini has partnered with global media conglomerate to enable worldwide coverage. On InnovatorsRace50, leading start-ups will benefit from exposure to millions of viewers across the globe.

Technology Partner

Become a Capgemini Partner

InnovatorsRace50 gives you an opportunity to become a Capgemini Partner. Gain access to Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange, a global platform designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations, contextualize and experiment with them, within their specific industry.

Map the future

InnovatorsRace50 will give you the opportunity to pitch your start-up in a global competition and accelerate your business by intimately engaging with industry and technology experts from Capgemini and other global brands.

1Jan 10th - Mar 6th

Submit your startup application online and get your community to support you through online voting.


Selection of the top 50 candidates by jury, online voting and Capgemini employees.

3March - April

Selection of 10 finalists by jury after in-depth interviews with Capgemini and industry experts.

4April - May

10 finalists get access to Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange experts.


Announcement of the 5 winners, one per theme.

6Sep - Oct

Web series telecast